I woke up to an empty room

No more angels watching over me.
No more demons to be held at bay
by the invocation of
an Anglicized version
of a Hellenized version
of a Hebrew name

I woke up to an empty room:

Just a room. Four walls, ceiling, floor.
Just a room. Nothing more.

I woke up to an empty room
and embraced the solid air.

I woke up to an empty room and knew myself


Copyright © 1999 Secular Pagan
Used by permission

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This is what happens when you first leave your faith...

You look around and everything looks different. You push boundaries, you rail at the old and embrace the new. You bounce around and accidentally break a few things. Then, you get your bearings and calm down.

I created this site with the help of Russ in 1999, and it is a time capsule of sorts, a roadmap of a lot of the thoughts and questions I had as I embarked on a journey out of the Christian faith. In the intervening years, I like to think that I've matured a bit, and my thoughts continue (and continue to be revised) on the next online segment of my spiritual journey, which is now being chronicled at A Christian and an Atheist. So for the latest, check out this podcast/discussion forum site, where you can interact with me and other listeners, and kick around ideas in real time.

I maintain this site, however, as an archive and jumping off point. A lot of the ideas are outdated, and lots of straw men are set up and knocked down. But it is a process, and perhaps an archive of beginnings has some value.

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Our brand of Christianity

Our background is the conservative, fundamentalist type that believes the Bible to be the inerrant word of God, and all Christians go to heaven, while everyone else goes to hell. Although fundamentalists don't represent all Christians, in our society they are its most vocal and influential group. It is this type of Christianity our site addresses, as it is the type of Christianity that we were a part of for so long. If this does not represent your Christian outlook, then you may find that much of this does not apply to you. We invite you, nonetheless, to stay and look around. If nothing, you may be surprised at the extremes to which your evangelical brethren have taken your faith, and see why criticism of it is growing.

Our issue is not with God, nor the behavior of Christians. God is who he/she/it is, and Christians misbehave just like everyone else. Rather it is evangelical Christian doctrine that we focus on, and its rational and moral implications. So stay awhile, take a look around, and let us know what you think. For more on what this site is about, please read our FAQ. Thanks for stopping by!

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